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Zen Putter

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Nick Middleton and Zen battle the Yips

Americans call it Whisky Fingers. Scientists call it Focal Dystonia. Golfers who have never had it call it The Yips. Those who have try not to mention it at all. But a potent blend of technology and radical thinking is at last making some inroads into this rife problem.

On the front line of this battle is Zen Golf founder Nick Middleton. A Science and Motion-certified instructor, he has dedicated much of his putter engineering and work towards developing what heterms ‘flow motion’. “The Zen-i effectively converts the clubhead into a hand and lets you bowl the ball to the target,” he says. “There is no ‘hit’ involved in directing the ball. This allows us to redefine the task of putting, rewrite the way that task is printed inside us.”

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Zen Wins Golf Digest Hot Product Awards 2008 in Blade and Mallet Categories


In its first attempt, Zen putters are awarded 2 major accolades in World's most comprehensive equipment Survey.“It was like it was leading me to the hole…You feel the transfer of the ball's energy right up the shaft” 

Comment from Blade Putter Category Judge not just a putter company but a way of putting, Zen should be on the emergency contact list of every frustrated putter. The classic look of these models is first-rate in every way. 

Golf Digest: “It gives you what you need…It has great alignment, sound, feel and roll…And, it looks cool!” 

Comment from Mallet Putter Category Judge Putter fans will remember the Zen Oracle training putter was designed to encourage a smooth putting motion. This design allows the weight to be distributed to the perimeter. Not impressed? Then skip the seminar and just use the putter. Any questions? We didn't think so.