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Club Fitting

Golf is a game that requires confidence. Confidence builds additional confidence. The top players in the world rely on their golf equipment for a living and demand their club specs are optimized, and have them checked often to ensure they have not changed. You, like the touring professional, can benefit from equipment that is optimized for your swing and physical characteristics. Seeing improvements in accuracy, dispersion, ball flight, spin rates, distance, and consistency are all goals when we fit someone here at BFG.

Utilizing the latest in fitting technology, Trackman Pro, BFG takes your golf club fitting to another level. The professional fitters at BFG utilize many elements of the Trackman Pro including: the 3-D path of the club, accurate launch conditions, trajectory data, spin rates, swing speed, launch conditions, dispersion, and most nearly all of the 22 individual items that Trackman Pro records. This detailed information is then analyzed by one of our team members to accurately and effectively offer recommendations as to what will benefit your game the most and how to achieve that goal of being a better golfer.

Having options is a great thing. BFG provides you with several options as to what will best improve your game. Please take a look at our services and see if one or several of these fitting options is right for you and your game. 

  • Driver Fitting: Ensure your driver is fit properly and get longer, straighter drives.
  • Iron/Hyrid Fitting: Ensure your irons are fit properly and achieve greater accuracy and consistency.
  • Putter Fitting: Get a putter fitting or putting analysis with your current model or try one of the many Zen models and help take your putting to the next level.
  • Ball Recommendation: Find out what type of ball you should be playing
  • Wedge Gap/Bounce Recommendations: Make sure the gaps in your scoring clubs are moderately spaced and the bounce angles are right for your game and types of shots you play around the green. 
  • Shaft Fitting: Ensure the shafts you are using are properly fit for you.  Achieve greater accuracy, tighter dispersion, and distance increases with shafts that are optimally fit for you and your golf swing.
  • Grip Analysis: It all starts with a proper grip.  We can make sure you have the correct size grip on your clubs.
  • Ultimate Fitting: Package includes Zen Cutom Putter Fitting, Driver fitting, Putter Fitting, Iron Fitting, Ball recommendation, Wedge Gap analysis/bounce recommendation, Shaft fitting, and Grip Analysis. 

Putter Fitting / Analysis


Get a putter fitting or putting analysis. Are you making enough putts? BFG and it's world class putting studio provides you with a tour level putter fitting and analysis experience. Bring your own putter by and have us check to see if it is right for you, or maybe you want to stop by and roll some putts with a putter that is new or different from your current model. The fitting experience at BFG includes achieving the proper length, lie angle, loft, grip size, and head weight.

By combining all of these elements along with proper aim, stroke, and alignment techniques from our analysis offering you will see better results from your putting, guaranteed. Putting with confidence and knowing that your putter is properly fit for you will allow you to sink more putts. Please visit the putter fitting page or call us and sign up for a booking today.


Swing Analysis with FlightScope X2 Elite


FlightScope X2 Elite is unrivalled as a practice and training tool. It answers the most important question in golf: "What is happening at the moment of impact?" FlightScope X2 Elite distributes real-time data and images on club movement/position, golf ball launch characteristics, and down range ball performance (e.g. height) for maximum data tracking in the swing analysis. This information can then either be translated by one of the professionals at BFG or used in tandem with your own lessons from your golf professional. Our goal at BFG is to give golfers more than just the printouts and data. We aim to start from scratch and build long lasting relationships and continual learning experiences where people will benefit for years to come. Having FlightScope X2 Elite and being able to utilize the results derived from the fitting and analysis sessions we can help golfers not only see their results and specific performance characteristics, but interpret those results and provide expert feedback as to what is the best course of action that should be taken. This information is critical to helping golfers be the best they can be today, tomorrow, and many years down the road.


Club Repair


Big Fish Golf is known throughout Singapore and several other Asian countries as one of the premiere club repair outlets in Asia. Utilized by some of the world’s best golfers, BFG is your one stop shop for tour level club repair work.

Carrying a wide array of essential repair items, BFG can take care of the smallest repair to the most challenging.

Options include:

  • Reshafting
  • Loft and Lie Adjusting (Irons, Hybrids, Fairway woods and Drivers)
  • Grip Install (new grip or save old grip)
  • Shaft length adjustment (shorten or lengthen)
  • Bore Through Shaft installation
  • Shaft Removal
  • Ferrule Replacement
  • Re-epoxy head
  • Remove Rattle


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