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Q: Why Club Fitting?   Q: How will Club Fitting benefit me? 


Every golfer is different. Some are tall.  Some are short. Some have smooth tempos, others fast. Some are good golfers, others beginners. There are as many types of golfers as there are people. Buying a set of clubs that are made for "everyone" seems to be a daunting task these days.

Professional club fitting allows golfers to gain confidence in knowing their golf clubs are set up properly for their individual swing and physical makeup, not just the calculated average. Using the information gleaned from the static elements (height, grip size, arm length, etc.) of the individual, and the dynamic elements of the swing (golf swing, lie angle at impact, swing speed, etc.), a professional fitter has all the necessary data he needs to create or repair a set of golf clubs that will benefit you and your game.



A custom fit set of clubs can benefit a golfer in a number of ways including: mentally, physically, and ultimately where it matters most, your score.

Mentally knowing your clubs are technically sound and optimized for you and your swing, can offer a calming element.  This inner confidence, that comes from knowing your clubs are properly fit for you, then allows golfers to focus on playing the game better and improving their scores.  It also removes questions or doubts over whether the errant shot was due to ill-fitting gear.  It is no different than many other sports.  Look at race car drivers or even professional marksmen.  These athletes require their particular tools to be fine tuned, modified, and set up properly for their particular styles.  Whether it is for better accuracy or maximized performance, being properly fit for your gear is essential for the the best athletes in the world, why should you be any different?  In golf, the golfer may see issues with an improper lie angles, shaft flex, shaft weight, swingweight, club length, and grip size.  

Do you ever wonder if your gear is optimized for you and will allow you to play the best golf you possibly can?  Typically those who need the least amount of help, the better player, will tend to benefit the most from club fitting.  Why?  Their swings are more repeatable and tend to be more technically sound.  Small tweaks and set optimization can yield impressive results, especially in the area of shafts, spin rates, lie angles, launch conditions, accuracy, and ultimately where it matters most, your score.  Higher handicap golfers will also benefit a great deal from professional fitting, just in a different manner.  Their swings tend to be less repetitive, and so it is much harder to pinpoint if there is merely a swing issue or if it is their equipment that is adding to the problem.  Proper fitting in areas of club length, shaft flex, and grip size can yield the best results for the higher handicap golfer.  After optimization the higher handicap golfer should see gains in distance, consistency, and accuracy.  Additionally with additional work on their golf swing, they should see much faster improvement and lower scores.  

Knowing that your equipment is properly fit and optimized for you will breed confidence.  It is this confidence that will allow the golfer to fulfill his or her potential and continue to improve at this extremely difficult game we all choose to play.  Improvements in areas like distance, accuracy, shot dispersion, and consistency should allow for lower golf scores and more enjoyment of the game.

If you would like to see how your equipment currently stands, BFG offers a free check up of your current set, with no obligation.  So please come on down to BFG and have your current set looked at by one of our professionals.  You might be surprised at what you find, and we always cherish the opportunity to meet a new face and talk some golf.

Q: Why BFG?    


Acknowledged as the #1 independent club-fitting studio in Singapore, Big Fish Golf should be your first stop when looking to enhance your golf game. Whether it is for a driver or iron fitting, putter fitting, the latest PING, Callaway, Cobra, or Yonex gear, a custom set of BFG forged irons, a club repair or reshaft or a swing analysis, BFG has most all of your golfing needs covered.

Q:  What is Trackman Pro?    


Trackman Pro is a precision swing and ball flight analysis tool, collecting data on every golf swing including areas like:

   Ball Speed

   Attack Angle

   Club Path

   Smash Factor

   Launch Angle

   Launch Direction

   Hang Time



   Swing Plane

   Landing Angle

   Spin Loft

   Side Spin Axis

   Side total

   Spin Rate

   Dynamic Loft

   Club speed

   Face Angle



Why do you not list any prices?  

A: Please just stop by or contact BFG for current pricing and specials.     
Q:  What is a Zen Putter?   Q:  What is Aim-Mate?


The world's most accurate putter face. The Zen putter line comes in three different model types: Blade, Mid Mallet, and Mallet. They also come in a variety of finishes (black, copper, and brushed satin). Each putter will be custom fit and it comes standard with RDE technology. Zen RDE Series heel-toe weighted putter features the patented "Ready" RDE (Reduced Dimple Error) technology. Precisely designed micro ridges are facemilled into the putter face to minimize the contact with the ball and improve impact dispersion by 50%. 



The only alignment aide you will ever need. Aim-Mate is a multi-faceted training aide that has over 43 uses. It offers the user an aide that can be utilized on the putting green, the range tee, the bunker, the chipping green, and even in the golf swing. It allows golfer to check theit alignment, ball position, and many other things on full partial swing shots. Then by merely flipping it over you can utilize the same aide for your putting, allowing the golfer to use it for distance control, alignment, and even green reading.

Q: What is Zen-i?   Q: What is Tour Striker ?


Putting is the key to reducing your score now. The Stats say it all. The Zen-I is the secret to developing a Professional putting stroke through accelerated skill acquisition. The patented Zen-I "Direct Feedback" training system uses feel or kinesthetics to quickly imprint a consistent "signature" into your motor control and improve co- ordination. Zen-i is a proven training aid that can be easily attached to any putter face and will immediately help improve the pace, path, and rhythm of your putting stroke.



Tour Striker is a tour proven training aid that is designed to improve the ball striking of almost any golfer. Over the years, we have seen many different swings have great success. Ernie Els and Tiger Woods have traditional swings. Jim Furyk and Lee Trevino have more unorthodox swings. Why do these swing differences produce equally wonderful results? Regardless of their swing style or shape, their impact condition is successful and it is repetitive.