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BFG Products

BFG Forged Iron Heads

Introducing the BFG Forged Iron Series.

Bridging the gap between form and function, the BFG Forged Iron Series offers the impeccable look, feel, and playability demanded from high-end forged offerings. Combining the forgiveness of a cavity back, the distinctive sensation of a forged iron, and the ability to customize, Big Fish Golf offers players of all skill levels the rare opportunity to own a true custom fit set of premium-forged irons.

After three prototype stages and over 5 years of research and development, the final product is now ready.  The BFG forged iron series is a performance packed, playable piece of art.  Rivaling any forged offering on the market today, this new BFG exclusive product offers the most discerning golfer a unique ability to own a custom fit, forged iron set, just like many of today's touring professionals.

Benefits include:

  • 100% Precision Milled ~ Each iron is precisely milled from a single block of the finest 1020 Mild Carbon Steel, allowing for the highest standards in quality control and quality assurance. 
  • Players Plus Sole Design ~ This high performance sole design is a neutral bias flare sole that allows for ease of alignment and exceptional playability from a multitude of turf conditions.  
  • Mid MOI Design ~ Incorporating Mid-MOI technology into the iron design, the BFG Forged Iron offers the benefit of additional forgiveness on off center hits without sacrificing the unmistakable performance and feel of a premium forged iron. 
  • Anti - Twist Toe Counterweighting ~ Anti-twist toe counterweighting helps resist excessive closing of the cub face that occurs when there is unwanted turf interaction with the hosel.
  • R&A and USGA Conforming Grooves ~ The BFG Player's Forged Iron meets the current R&A and USGA condition of competition groove requirements.
  • Glare Reducing Satin Finish ~ Giving the iron a more subtle, muted appearance, the satin finish also serves the purpose of reducing reflective glare on bright, sunny days.Glare reducing satin finish. Similar to the BFG iron series, the wedge series is offered in a glare reducing sating finish. This finish gives the clubs a more subtle and muted appearance and provides reduced reflection from sun glare.

The feedback on feel, appearance, and playability has been amazing and we fully expect the buzz to continue to grow as more and more people are realizing the benefits these clubs provide.

These irons are only available in limited quantities and the first two runs have sold out very quickly.  Don't miss out on your chance to be custom fit for a amazing set of forged irons.

If you are ready to see and experience what many already have please come by one of BFG locations today and see if this amazing set of irons can help take your game to the next level.

Click here to view/print R&A and USGA condition of competition approval letters.


BFG Wedge Series

Introducing the BFG Forged Wedge Series.

Designed originally to compliment the BFG Forged Iron Series, the Forged Wedges series has taken on a life of its own. Many golfers are reaping the benefits of putting these wedges into play.  Like the BFG forged irons, the forged wedge series provides the most discerning of golfers a great wedge at an affordable price point.  The BFG forged wedge series combines the classic look and feel of a forged wedge with the technology and benefits of today's modern club technology.

The BFG forged wedge series was recently introduced after refinement of several prototype and testing stages.

Please stop by BFG and see if the demos are in so you can give them a go on the course and see how they compare to the wedges currently on the market today.

Benefits include:

  • 100% precision milled. Each wedge is milled from a block of 1020 mild carbon steel, allowing for the same high standards and superior feel that is present in the BFG forged iron series.
  • Dead Center Sweet Spot Accuracy. With proprietary hosel technology we were able to create a wedge that has the sweet spot positioned right in the center of the hitting area. This is something very few wedges on the market today can claim, as most wedges today tend to have the sweet spot located more toward the hosel. This sweet spot location will allow for greater accuracy and feel on those all important scoring shots.
  • Beveled leading edge grind. This leading edge grind will help to reduce digging while still giving the wedge a clean, straighter looking appearance at address. With various turf conditions found all around the world, the beveled leading edge will allow players to have a series of wedges that can be used most anywhere and under just about any turf conditions.  
  • R&A and USGA conforming grooves. Although the spin generated from the BFG wedge is impressive, the grooves are completely legal. It is the design of the wedge that will help provide all the spin you need on those all important scoring shots and save attempts.
  • Dynamic Bounce. Our friendly bounce angles 8 (51 deg), 10 (55 degree), and 12 (59 degree), combined with the beveled leading edge and optimal sole camber helps to create a dynamic bounce that is easily playable for a large array of swing types, as well as most turf and sand conditions. 
  • Custom Porting. The custom porting on the BFG wedges aims to improve COG, performance, and playability. After several prototypes and R&D stages we found by placing the ports in proper locations and at ideal depths on the back of the wedges, COG was optimized, face bias was improved, feel was enhanced, optimal weighting was acheived, and ultimately BFG has created a wedge will provide greater playability and performance.
  • Glare reducing satin finish. Similar to the BFG iron series, the wedge series is offered in a glare reducing sating finish. This finish gives the clubs a more subtle and muted appearance and provides reduced reflection from sun glare.
  • Custom Shaft options. Unlike off the rack wedges, the BFG wedge series allows you to pick the shaft you want in your wedges. Our wide selection of wedge shafts will allow this series to be truly custom for each and every customer.

The feedback from both professionals and amateurs has been amazing. We are truly honored to offer you this product and hope that if you are in the market for a new wedge or wedges that you will drop by BFG and have a look. We feel that all of these combined features provide today's golfer with a custom wedge that is aesthetically pleasing, very playable, and most importantly will perform as good as anything available in the market today. That is our value proposition to our customers.  

Click here to view/print R&A and USGA condition of competition approval letters.